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iSIGHT Clinics
iSIGHT Clinics
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Regan was extremely knowledgeable and helpful during the project from beginning to end. The results spoke for themselves, he achieved top 5 UK ranking for some of our pages and the enquires followed on from there! I’d highly recommend to any company looking to grow their digital footprint and online presence. I’ve already got him booked in for another project.
JN Sports
JN SportsCEO
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"Your starter package is too cheap yeno! Don't get me wrong it's been brilliant value for money.
Personalised Shin Pads LTD
Personalised Shin Pads LTD
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Concourse Marketing is a fantastic company who have been really helpful in getting my business Personalised Shin Pads off the ground. I went through what I wanted with Regan at Concourse Marketing and he has followed through with that which is fantastic. I cannot wait to see the future growth as Concourse Marketing continue to help us as a company.
Dane Maloney
Dane Maloney
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I have worked with Regan for many years in the past and his determination and drive to be the best at what he does is a testament to his character.
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5 months in working with Regan from Concourse Marketing & consistently seeing great organic improvements from month to month. Highly recommend.

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Searching For Monthly SEO Packages?

We are a results-driven SEO agency that create custom SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies targeting the people already looking and searching for your products or services right now in search engines such as Google. 

All websites are set-up with a key purpose, whether that be to sell a product, service or grow brand awareness. Regardless of your websites specific purpose one thing remains the same, your website needs attention. 

It simply isn’t enough to have a website. The way organic traffic is generated is by creating content for your website, this could be via blog posts, landing pages or from updating the primary pages on your website.

Our SEO experts understand how to attract traffic organically to your website directly from search engines. We will create you a custom SEO strategy that will convert as much of this organic traffic into paying customers and clients as possible.

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What Is A Custom SEO Strategy?

At Concourse Marketing we don’t do cookie cutter, every client we work with receives a 100% tailored SEO strategy that is refreshed every single month. 

The reasoning for this is simple, every online business  and website has a different starting point. Your custom SEO strategy will depend on your current domain authority (DA) and the specific keyword opportunities that surround your business right now locally or worldwide.

Whether you are established online or just getting started we are here to help. Everything we do is underpinned with clear business objectives and grounded in real-time data.

Founding director of SEO agency Yorkshire Regan Thomsen

No obligation, friendly advice.

Every month you will receive a statement of work (SOW) as a PDF that outlines the exact strategy we plan to execute. Once you have approved the plan of action we will get to work whilst documenting the success of our recommendations.

It is also in our best interest to ensure our recommendations pay-off as all our monthly SEO packages are completely month-by-month. This means no long term or fixed contracts; we need to win your business every month with success from the prior months SEO works. 

You will receive an end of month report that clearly tracks your progression across all relevant KPI’s, this will allow you to see your progression for all specific keywords targeted within your campaign. We monitor your campaigns success via Google Search Console (GSC), Google Analytics (GA) and SEMrush position tracking.

Actionable SEO Advice.

We offer free SEO advice that is practical and actionable for all business owners so if you have ambitions to improve your search marketing checkout our YouTube channel in which Regan himself covers everything from the fundamentals to the nuanced.

You can also checkout our dedicated blog where you will find all our SEO videos, alongside comprehensive written breakdowns for each topic with references and sources to all data discussed. We take pride in what we do and we are 100% committed to helping business owners utilise the power of SEO.

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Stunning Web Design.

We also create functional, responsive and stunning websites for businesses, not only trying to look the part online but looking for a lasting impression with their audience. 

What makes us different is our focus on building practical websites built to land and convert traffic. We work with new brands looking to build brand identity, alongside established brands that have clear parameters in place.

The use of colour, typography and structure of your website needs to be aligned with your brand positioning, alongside the use and placement of content on your website 

No obligation, friendly advice.

Consumers are now active across multiple devices and looking at your website on mobiles, tablets and desktops. It is detrimental that your website is not only mobile responsive but adaptive to all devices and platforms.

If your looking for an ecommerce website to list products on your website and build a customer experience that allows transactions to take place, we will deliver. The websites we build have security in mind to ensure necessary encryption for your consumers payment information to protect your customers.

Latest Web Design Projects.


Customer experience (CX) and how the visitors on your website feel as they navigate through your website all starts with web design. Built into our web design is UX & UI functionality that assists users on your website and considers the overall journey(s) of your end consumer.

Omnichannel is now an expectation of your consumers, they expect to see you across multiple platforms with consistency in how you appear. Your website should interface with your wider digital marketing strategy. We connect your social media channels to facilitate shareability and help build your websites authority with full social media integration.

The true differentiator when choosing to work with us is the fact we always build our websites with SEO at the heart of the strategy, ensuring your website will be SEO friendly from day one. Looking for website design? Request a free website audit today or explore our web design packages.

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