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We are a results-driven SEO agency Yorkshire, that creates custom SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies targeting the people already looking and searching for your products or services right now in Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

All websites are set-up with a key purpose or have a number of purposes, whether that be to sell a product, service or grow brand awareness. Now regardless of your purpose, you need attention to attract traffic to your website to fulfil your purpose. You then do your very best to convert as much of this traffic to paying customers, fund raises, clients etc.

It simply isn’t enough to have a “good looking” website, although aesthetics are important, it isn’t enough to generate traffic by itself. The way traffic is generated is by creating content for your website, this could be via blogs, landing pages or updating your primary pages of your website.

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Adding content to your website is referred to as on-page SEO and involves strategic placement of the content and a conscious effort to make your website number one in the eyes of Google. This involves everything from the file names you give your images, keywords, alt text, meta data, URL’s of your pages and much more.

We conduct thorough keyword research which allows us to reverse engineer success and provide the most engaging content based on key statistics and metrics, our work is all based on facts, not subjectivity or guess-work. 

This research allows us to determine which blog topics may be of interest to your target audience, which landing pages will be most effective for converting traffic into customers and allows us to optimise your primary pages throughout your website, all with the aim of acquiring more attention on your main pages. For an overview of the key advantages of SEO checkout the 7 core advantages of SEO.

Our digital marketing strategy is data driven & involves on-page SEO, off-page SEO and local SEO Yorkshire which contributes towards increasing the authority of your website domain authority (DA) and making your website a full time sales machine, generating traffic, leads and sales for your business. If your searching for monthly SEO packages Yorkshire, get a free SEO consultation today or view our SEO agency Yorkshire packages.

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We offer free SEO advice that is practical and actionable for all business owners looking to improve their business with SEO. We have a dedicated YouTube channel in which we answer the questions being asked right now around SEO as a service and investment option for business growth.

Stunning Web Design Yorkshire

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Web design Yorkshire, creating functional, responsive and stunning websites for businesses, not only trying to look the part online but looking for a lasting impression with their audience. What makes us different is our focus on building practical websites built to land and convert traffic.

Concourse work with new brands looking to build a brand identity, alongside established brands that have clear parameters in place. The use of colour, typography and structure of your website needs to be aligned with your brand positioning, alongside the use and placement of content on your website. 

Consumers are now active across multiple devices and looking at your website on mobiles, tablets and desktops. It is detrimental that your website is not only mobile responsive but adaptive to all devices and platforms.

If your looking for an ecommerce website to list products on your website and build a customer experience that allows transactions to take place, we will deliver. The websites we build have security in mind to ensure necessary encryption for your consumers payment information to protect your customers.

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Customer experience (CX) and how the visitors on your website feel as they navigate through your website all starts with web design. Built into our Yorkshire web design is UX & UI functionality that assists users on your website and considers the overall journey(s) of your end consumer.

Omnichannel is now an expectation of your consumers, they expect to see you across multiple platforms with consistency in how you appear. Your website should interface with your wider digital marketing strategy. We connect your social media channels to facilitate shareability and help build your websites authority with full social media integration.

The true differentiator when choosing to work with us is the fact we always build our websites with SEO at the heart of the strategy, ensuring your website will be SEO friendly from day one. Looking for Yorkshire website design request a free website audit today or explore our web design Yorkshire packages.

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