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Do You Know The 7 Core Advantages Of SEO?

SEO (search engine optimisation), is a potent digital marketing strategy and there are endless benefits and advantages of SEO for small businesses and large. If your a business owner looking to make an impact online or learn about SEO and what it does exactly, I hope this post can provide you with clarity and some excitement. We have taken the time to filter through the endless advantages of SEO and present to you today, the 7 core advantages of SEO in digital marketing. 

So, what are the 7 advantages of SEO that you must know? Well before we get to them, I want to first point out it’s highly likely you may be overwhelmingly, underestimating the significance of SEO, sorry to make that assumption it’s just most people really don’t understand, what is SEO and its benefits.

This is usually due to scepticism around SEO as a strategy, the fact people dabble with SEO for a short while and then give up or just ignorance to its utility. Today you will learn the 7 core advantages to SEO that are cut-throat, direct, and detrimental for your business’s success and you will no longer take this marketing weapon of mass attraction for granted.

#1 SEO Anticipates The Future

Ask yourself if you could have any superpower what would it be? A few of you may like the idea of being invisible for questionable reasons, or you marvel fans might want to fly around the room but what about the ability to predict the future? In the context of business, is this not the ultimate marketing power?

Well guess what, SEO allows you to anticipate the future from trends of the past. Let me expand. Let’s say we are trying to sell electronic cigarettes online. Now we consider a few search terms for our product such as “ecig” and “vape pen”. We are now about to create a solid piece of optimised content but we are unsure which keyword to target for our landing page. We now need to look at the past for answers on what will deliver for us in the future.

After some keyword research we discover the keyword “vape pen” not only surpasses “ecig” in terms of volume searched but it also has lower difficulty to rank in the search engine result pages (SERP’s). This is what we call hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. You can see bellow that “vape pen” gets 22.2K searches in the UK and 308.3k globally which is more than 6X the traffic globally of, “ecig” and 1.5X more within the UK. You can also see the keyword difficulty is 38% easier that the keyword “ecig”, meaning its an absolute no brainer to use “vape pen” over “ecig” in our SEO strategy.

We now know that we have more chance of success by targeting one keyword over the other, we become the Nostradamus of marketing as the past is likely to repeat itself. We can also look at how often the past has repeated itself to determine the likelihood of it deviating in the future, for instance if “Vape Pen” has had 22,000 organic searches every month for the last 12 months its more than likely going to maintain that momentum with a gradual incline or decline overtime depending on the trend. You can anticipate the future based on the past!

#2 SEO Finds People Ready to Buy

most overlooked

This one reason, is one of the most overlooked concepts in SEO and is one of the key advantage of SEO in the online marketing of a business. Let’s get into this by first considering a Facebook advertisement. Facebook does a great job of providing businesses with segmentation tools that allow for targeting demographics and psychographics when placing ads on the platform. 

This means if we sell hair extensions, we can target Sophie that is 24, single, lives in Newcastle and follows 8 groups related to hair and beauty. Now this is great but there is one significant element missing and that is purchase intent or buyers intent.

When Sophie goes on Facebook, she is more than likely expecting and wanting to see some updates from her friends. Although she could be interested in hair extensions its not where she would go if she wanted to make that purchase right now, she might have converted on that advertisement if she had not just had them done earlier that week or if she had been in a better mood that day when she scrolled passed the advertisement but unfortunately, she was preoccupied.

Now let’s put this into an SEO context and once you get this it’s almost like you have seen behind the curtains of SEO’s all mighty power. Sophie decides she needs her hair sorting and would like some hair extensions. Sophie pulls out her phone and googles “hair extensions near me”. Now consider on a scale of 1-10, how likely is Sophie looking to purchase hair extensions? 1 being not a chance and 10 being certain of it. 

Now to go a step further, Sophie spends 3 minutes on your website and clicks your call to action (CTA) that reads “schedule appointment today”. Ask yourself now where you fall on that scale of 1-10. Hopefully this scenario painted the big picture of SEO and how you find people ready to buy! This is a fundamental benefit of ecommerce SEO.

#3 SEO Is Long-Term

As the saying goes anything worth having doesn’t come easy. Due to the lack of instant gratification and the patience that is needed for long term results, most short-sighted business owners dismiss the opportunity which means more for you. SEO is a competitive game you must be willing to play for the long-term and most players that do play the game don’t stick it out long enough to see a significant impact. 

This advantage is key as the less people with sustainable strategies the better for you as whilst they keep looking for quick wins you can double down on that long term significant win. This advantage of SEO exists to those that accept SEO as long-haul and put in the time every day because they have a deeper understanding of the overall game of SEO.

#4 SEO Is an Inbound Game (Invitation vs Interruption)

SEO is meeting people when they are ready to shake hands. Let’s consider cold calling for a moment. The decision to make the call is the marketers or sales agents decision, you might be calling your potential customer on the worst day of their life and there is really no way to know until they pick up the phone and you ask, “how are you today?”, In which your met with an immediate slam of the phone after the mutter of a few mumbled but very distinct words that make you question your career.

Now let’s consider a phone call generated from a well-executed SEO strategy, we can see a potential customer has spent 5 minutes on your website, specifically on one of your service pages. They have also filled out a contact form to request a free consultation within the next 24 hours and have left their full name, email and mobile phone number. Not only that but they have also left a note specifically outlining they would love a call at 4PM to discuss pricing.

Now it goes without saying which scenario you would rather be a part of. Now don’t get me wrong outbound strategies and interruption marketing works and I’m not recommending an invitation only strategy where you sit around waiting to be contacted. However, SEO will compliment your other marketing efforts with red hot and smoking leads that empower your sales team and make their life easy from time to time. SEO creates the best-case scenario for a sale to take place.

#5 SEO Is Grounded in The Truth

Unlike many speculative strategies and tactics in the world of digital marketing that often come down to opinion preference and luck, SEO is built on a solid foundation of facts and truth. For instance, a keyword list is a compass that tells you what content people are searching for, this isn’t speculation but built on real-time statistics. 

You can then use this data to assume that if you make engaging user-friendly content that matches up with your keyword research you will attract a percentage of that organic traffic, if your content is fully optimised for that keyword and your off-page SEO is competitive. This is a huge advantage of SEO over many other marketing methods as the numbers don’t lie and with SEO your entire approach is based on real-time data.

This process will compliment your creative process and ground your great ideas to reality, take a blog you want to write because you personally think it’s a great subject, after some keyword research you can pull real-time stats that validate your idea or show that its unlikely to catch any organic traffic. You can then decide if it’s something you want to adjust slightly to balance your great content idea with what is in demand in terms of content in the search engine result pages, (SERP’s).

#6 SEO Drives Significant Results

All marketing strategies and tactics can be assessed by one thing and one thing alone. That one thing is results and SEO delivers across the board. Here are just a few areas that SEO can dramatically improve.

  • Organic Traffic & Reach
  • Conversions on Website
  • Time Spent on Website
  • Revenue Via Sales on Website
  • Brand Awareness
  • Local Authority
  • Appointments & Consultations
  • Rankings in SERP’s
  • Quality of Leads

The key to driving results across these areas is a custom SEO strategy that uses a mix of on-page SEO, off-page SEO and local SEO strategies to move the bar on the most valued areas of your business. If you’re interested in learning more about putting together the optimal strategy, you can get in touch with us to request a free consultation today and feel free to check out our SEO packages.

#7 SEO Provides Strategic Direction

Keyword research outlines what content you need to create to attract your audience. How does it do this? Well, it reveals to you exactly what they are searching and to get specific, what they are searching monthly in terms of volume, frequency and what exactly they are putting into search engines character by character.

This data should be what leads the direction of your marketing, its customer insight that you can’t afford to ignore and must lead with in your SEO strategy and content planning. SEO is the holy grail of customer centric marketing. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you’re in the business of selling SEO services and in your keyword research you discover a search term that gets 140 searches every month happens to be “Advantages of SEO”, after further research you find out the term is also moderate competition and the current person ranking in 1st place on the search engine results pages (SERP’s) hasn’t done that great of a job. You feel you can beat them, make better content and take that organic traffic for yourself and your business.

Has the penny dropped yet? That’s right, this whole blog is an educational piece of content that SEO directed me to produce. So, if you found this read useful you have SEO to thank!


To conclude ask yourself, are you doing enough SEO? We have outlined the huge advantages to implementing SEO strategies for your business and I hope that they have resonated with you in a way that makes you look at SEO with a fresh set of eyes. Hopefully you can now see the advantages of SEO for your business. We have also looked at the advantages of local SEO and advantages of off-page SEO so you have the big picture of all the different facets of SEO as a discipline. Now that you have an understanding of the benefits of SEO for small business and large the next step is to audit your website. We offer a free SEO audit which you can request by clicking the button bellow.


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