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“Today we are going to talk about video marketing tips for SEO beginners and dive into if video is important for SEO in terms of creating user friendly content, increasing rankings and quality organic traffic you your website.

We will look at the benefits of video for SEO and look over some video marketing SEO tips.”

What Is Video SEO?

Before we assess is video important for SEO, lets look at what video SEO is exactly and look at how SEO and video have been discussed by the SEO industry leaders. Yoast state that video SEO is a holistic practice that involves maximising your presence on search, specifically outlining YouTube SEO or YouTube optimisation as the key practice. Neil Patel another SEO industry leader outlines video SEO as “VSEO” and states there are 2 primary goals of video search engine optimisation.

1) Link building & social sharing

2) Increase video SEO conversions

When considering is video important for SEO we can now start to see what video SEO accomplishes exactly. We are looking to make content more sharable and as a result it will acquire more social signals from social media platforms and contribute towards link building as other websites will refer to our video content, helping to build our websites overall domain authority (DA).

Secondly it will directly increase conversions. This is more of a consideration for implementing video SEO on a landing page, we are touching upon the fact video SEO will help to increase lead generation and sales directly from the website.

Benefits Of Video For SEO.

Now we know how the industry leaders look at video SEO, let’s explore the key benefits of video for SEO. Here we will breakdown the core benefits for SEO which will help to determine is video important for SEO.

Increase Social Signals & DA.

As Neil Patel has touched upon video SEO will make your content, in particular your blog posts more sharable. Having sharable content is huge for SEO performance as Google and search engines observe how well your content performs when determining rankings in the search engine results pages (SERP’s). If your content is also being referred to across the internet from other websites, it will acquire backlinks. From acquiring these backlinks, you will directly increase your domain authority which will also directly impact your rankings in the SERP’s and therefore indirectly the organic traffic, leads and sales from your website.

Increase Conversions On Landing Pages.

Statistically video will improve the conversion on your landing page, an isolated study conducted by Imavex found that video SEO improved conversions 130%. Intuitively we know that people are much more likely to engage with video, and therefore are likely to be more receptive to your landing page.

Video could simply explain the process of a transaction, highlight the key benefits of a service, or further educate a prospect until they are primed to purchase. We recommend that the videos are placed correctly and that they avoid hindering the conversion process. This can be done firstly by considering relevance and how this guides a prospect towards a purchase decision and the length of the video needs to be considered for optimal impact.

Improve Quality Of Content.

Content is king and the quality of your blog posts and landing pages overall is of primary concern to search engines such as Google. Once the basics are covered and your content is targeting keywords, responsive to different devices and has a balance of copy, images and graphics now may be the time to add a video to give you’re page the edge over your competition.

Content is a very competitive game in the SEO landscape and its likely that the keywords that will help accelerate your businesses organic growth are also being targeted by your competition. To acquire competitor keywords and establish high rankings in the search engines, video SEO can be your ace in the hole that ensure you do a better job than your direct competitors.

Increase Key Website Statistics.

Lastly consider the fact video SEO will directly improve your core web vitals (CWV), people will spend more time on your page which Google recognises as a great user-friendly indicator. Consider if you publish a 5-minute video at the top of a blog post that somebody watches before engaging with your written copy. You have now increased the amount of time spent on that page by an entire 5 minutes indicating to Google your page is worth spending time on and increasing your chances of ranking in search engine results pages (SERP’s). It is important to consider the basics when assessing is video important for SEO.

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Do YouTube Videos Help With SEO?

YouTube is a giant social media platform that allows content creators to publish video content for free and acquire organic traffic within the platform. However, does embedding YouTube videos help SEO directly? Well firstly consider the fact Google own YouTube and are likely to review how your YouTube channel performs to assess if content is valuable to their search engine, especially in the case a YouTube video is embedded in your websites content.

It is important to note that embedding a YouTube video into your website will not directly impact your rankings however will indirectly bring value to your websites content that will assist with rankings for sure. We recommend embedding a YouTube video that goes over your content in more depth at the top of your blog post, this will give your audience more ways to consume your content and in return increase the chances Google will rank your blog post more favourably. Checkout a previous blog post of ours bellow that has a YouTube video embedded on the top of the article, this is now ranking on the 1st page of Google for search terms such as, “how much does SEO cost UK“.

is video important for SEO embedded video example on blog post

Top Video Marketing SEO Tips.

For you to make the most of the benefits of video for SEO, we will now cover SEO video tips that you can implement today to improve your video SEO. When assessing is video important for SEO these top tips will allow you to implement video SEO for yourself and see the rewards for yourself. We strongly recommend you implement the following action plan to optimise your video SEO.

  • Revisit your blog posts and add video content
  • Consider implementing video on your most important landing pages
  • Start a YouTube channel to optimise organic traffic and social signals
  • Consider hiring a professional to improve the quality of your videos
  • Use keyword research to generate ideas for your videos
  • Consider who could be a great spokesperson for your videos if not yourself
  • Use features such as YouTube chapters to optimise your YouTube videos.
  • Ensure you implement keywords in your video descriptions and file names.
  • Make use of video SEO to link out to other content on your website.

We genuinely believe this a great starting point for you to begin reaping the reward of video SEO and determine for yourself, is video important for SEO. At Concourse Marketing we have seen from first-hand implementation dramatic increases in performance from video SEO and we hope for you to acquire the same success for your business.

Get Started With Video Search Engine Optimisation.

Hopefully you have some more insight on, is video important for SEO, and you can take action on the video marketing tips for SEO beginners highlighted in this post. We have covered the many benefits of video for SEO, what is video SEO exactly and looked at the specifics with embedding YouTube videos and video placement. If you have any further questions or need some guidance with your video SEO then please don’t hesitate to request a free SEO audit today.

Is Video Important For SEO?

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