What Differentiates Our Services?

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We build websites that attract traffic to your business. As we are specialists in SEO (search engine optimisation) everything we do has purpose on your website, from the titles we give your pages, to the file names of your images and the use of keywords we implement throughout your website. Unlike most web design companies that will build you a “good looking” website and leave it at that, we understand how Google crawl’s websites and what they are looking for to provide you with rankings in the search engine results pages, (SERP’s). 

Even if you only choose us for web design services, you can have complete peace of mind your primary pages that we build will be SEO friendly, and your website will not only be stunning to look at but will leave a lasting impression with your website visitors.

Why Concourse For Web Design & SEO?

The primary reason to work with Concourse is to improve your digital marketing and acquire more interest through your website from potential customers. Everything we do is underpinned by increasing your business performance. This means more sales, revenue & attention through your website.

It is not enough to just have a website; in fact, most businesses have a website already, the problem is most websites lack purpose and are just there to look pretty and bring in the odd lead from time to time. Our aim is to build an inbound sales machine that works whilst you sleep.

The way we achieve this is by implementing a completely custom on-page SEO, off-page SEO and local SEO Yorkshire strategy for your business that captures the people already searching for your products and services online. A key component of this is building out the pages of your website to give you more authority (DA) in the eyes of Google with blogs, landing pages and adding more content to your primary pages.

The Concourse 4-Step Process

Situation Analysis

Before we can get started with your project we must first understand exactly where you’re at right now, before we can determine your very next steps. This is the case for both web design projects and SEO projects. The situation analysis will involve looking at how your website currently contributes towards your business’s current success. We want to have a clear understanding of how your website performs so we can benchmark any progress made and accurately report changes in performance.


Now that we know where you stand, the question is where do you want to go? We work with you to create specific objectives based on your ambitions for your business. These objectives will be specific targets that once hit will indicate success. Objectives will provide clear direction for the work we carry out and will facilitate short term victories and long-term milestones.

Custom Strategy

Every client we work with has a custom strategy that works for them and their business. Based on where your currently at and the gap you’re trying to bridge with your objectives we need to create a custom strategy that can reap immediate results but also be in alignment with longer term goals for your business.


Whilst implementing customised strategy we need to assess the success. This involves bi-weekly and monthly reporting on the impact of the strategies and the success of the execution. Results do not lie and once they are tabulated the Concourse process starts over with a situation analysis to assess the new position of the business, new objectives that exceed the last targets are set and a new strategy is developed to push the bar further and acquire more results for your business.

No obligation, friendly advice.

Cost Of Work With Concourse

We have upfront pricing and packages on our website that illustrate the different price points for our web design and monthly SEO packages. Our web design packages start from £450; our SEO packages start from £600 per month but we do have an SEO starter package which is now available for just £299.

The pricing is all based on the hours we put into your project, this is the key difference in most of the packages alongside some additional features and incentives for our more premium tariffs. If you have any questions about our pricing, please get in touch and feel free to explore our pricing via our services pages.

What Results Can I Expect?

Web Design & SEO can have huge returns on investment most of which can be measured and tracked. We monitor the work we put into your projects weekly on a variety of key metrics, such as organic traffic, bounce rate, number of pages visited and much more.

However, we also understand as a business owner metrics such as sales, revenue and ROI are of the biggest interest and our custom strategies are all set with these in mind. The duration of time it takes to see huge returns depends on the starting point of the project.

For instance, if you hire a personal trainer to get you in shape the amount of time it will take to get you in shape is dependent on your starting point. If you have a huge goal to run a marathon and finish in the top 10% but are starting from a place of completely out of shape it will take some time. However, progress can still be seen month by month.

SEO is very similar, if you’re a new website looking to have top rankings for the keywords in your industry it will take time. However, we encourage huge goals, and we can show month by month progression towards those goals. All our strategies are completely custom and month to month, we also don’t believe in fixed contracts so its in our best interest to get you results every month to win your business the following month.

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