Why Work With Concourse Marketing?

First of all thankyou for the consideration, at Concourse Marketing we appreciate that you took the time to learn more about us and I promise, you will be glad that you did. 

The primary reason to work with us is because you are looking to grow your business and have ambitions to increase the prosperity of your company for yourself and your stakeholders. 

I’m going to save you the usual “we specialise in taking companies from zero to hero and then from hero to superhero” spiel. Please feel free to request a free SEO audit if you would like to give us a shot, again, I promise that your only regret will be you didn’t get started sooner!!

– Regan Thomsen (Founder)

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No obligation, friendly advice.

Why Choose Us For Website Growth?

The reason why we are the only digital marketing company to consider for website growth is a great one and I am sure you would like to hear more about it. Right now we have a solid foot in our local market and are currently expanding to service 47 counties across England. We plan to be the best. That’s right the top SEO company in England.


Now in order for Concourse Marketing to be considered the go-to option and synonymous with SEO services, we need to make a lot of business owners and CMO’s happy. We are competent, professional and committed to delivering our best work on every single clients project, whether that be a small local business, multi-national corporation or global organisation. 

The 4-Step Fulfilment Process

Step 1 - Audit

To get started with your project we must first understand the reality of your current website performance. This will require a deep-dive into your websites primary pages, blogs and landing pages. From here we can create a tailored action plan to correct all on-page errors detected in the following areas. 

Google insight score icon
  • H1, H2 and subsidiary header tags
  • Title tags and meta descriptions
  • URL’s
  • Images including compression, file names and ALT text
  • Internal linking, site structure and navigation
  • Keyword density, placement and targeting
  • Thin content and weak copy
  • Schema mark-up and rich snippets 
  • Call to actions (CTA’s) and lead magnets

Step 2 - Objectives

We now need to address the issues detected on-page for your website whilst also considering how we can take full advantage of the specific keyword opportunities that surround your business. Based on our intel from the SEO audit we set objectives that we will complete within your monthly works. 

Your objectives will include on-page, off-page and local SEO works to be complete on any of our monthly SEO plans. The SEO starter package includes on-page works alongside some profile and tracking setup in GA, GSC and SEMrush, this will all be documented in your custom strategy.

SEO expert Regan Thomsen

No obligation, friendly advice.

Step 3 - Custom Strategy

Your custom strategy is hand-crafted and presented to you within a statement of work (SOW) in PDF format with the exact plan of action that we will execute to improve your websites performance. 

For local SEO clients you will receive 3 individual strategies which will include the works for the SEO Essential plan, SEO Enterprise plan and SEO Corporate plan to illustrate the exact work to be complete for each local SEO package. 

This plan of action will outline the optimal SEO strategy considering your existing domain authority (DA) and surrounding keyword opportunities.

Every client we work with has a custom strategy that works for them and their business. Based on where your currently at and the gap you’re trying to bridge, we create a custom strategy that reaps immediate results but also aligns with long term goals for your business.


Step 4 - Results

Once your custom SEO strategy has been implemented the next step is to monitor the changes in website performance across all relevant KPI’s. We create an end of month report in the format of a PDF. This reports illustrates how your website performance has changed across Google Analytics (GA), Google Search Console (GSC) and SEMrush. 

We have structured our SEO services as month by month service with no long term of fixed contracts so that if you don’t like what you see in month 1 there is no obligation for you to continue your SEO investment. This establishes the dynamic that we must win your business each and every month by delivering you significant results. 

Digital marketing can have huge returns on investment most of which can be measured and tracked. We monitor the work we put into your projects weekly on a variety of key metrics, such as organic traffic, engagement rate, number of pages visited and much more. We understand as a business owner or CMO metrics such as sales, revenue and ROI are of the biggest interest and our custom strategies are all set with these in mind. 

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Cost Of Works With Concourse Marketing

We have upfront pricing for every service we deliver whether that be SEO or web design throughout the website. Our web design packages start from £700; our monthly SEO packages start from £600 per month and we also offer an SEO starter package for new customers for a one-time fee of just £299. 

The pricing is all grounded in the total amount of allocated strategic time that you receive, this is the key difference across all of our services and offerings. If you need any assistance with deciding which services you require, please take advantage of our free consultation, we are happy to discuss all options with you directly to ensure you get the exact solution you require.

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