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What Is The SEO Starter Package?

Embarking on your SEO journey has never been easier, or more affordable. Our SEO Starter Package is designed to set you on the path to online success for just a one-time investment of £299.

In this comprehensive package, we combine the power of in-depth keyword research and on-page optimisation for up to five pages, ensuring your site is perfectly primed for search engine recognition.

We put your business on the map with Google Analytics and Google Search Console setup, offering you insightful data that tracks your performance and helps guide your future strategies.

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With our SEO package, you gain access to position tracking for 100 keywords. Stay informed about your ranking on search engines and use these insights to fine-tune your SEO efforts.

A website that’s easy to navigate is a user-friendly website. That’s why we provide an XML sitemap setup, enabling search engines to crawl your site more efficiently and improving your visibility.

Moreover, content is king when it comes to SEO. To get you started, we provide you with 1x landing page and 1x blog post, both optimised for search engines.

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Finally, we understand the importance of direct communication and clarity. We offer a one-time SEO consultation in this package, where we can answer any questions you may have.

Take a look at our SEO starter package case study below for Tastebudz Genetics, and see how we took them from zero to 407 organic searches in just 28 days!

Get ready to see your business grow. Take the first step and contact us for your free SEO consultation with no obligation. You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Tastebudz Genetics Case Study

From Zero to 407 Organic Visitors in 28 days

SEO starter package case study Tastebudz Genetics

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SEO Starter Package FAQ's

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Once your SEO Starter Package is complete, you’ll have a solid foundation for your online presence. But remember, SEO is a long-term strategy that yields increasingly effective results over time. To help you keep building on this success, we offer comprehensive monthly SEO packages.

Our monthly SEO packages are designed to take your business to the next level. For as little as £600 per month, you get a custom-built SEO strategy tailored to your unique needs, backed by 30 hours of dedicated strategic time. This ensures your website not only maintains its SEO health but continues to improve and adapt to changing algorithms and market trends.

We understand that business needs can change, and flexibility is vital. That’s why our monthly plans are 100% adjustable. Feel free to start, stop, increase or decrease your budget at any point, based on your requirements. Our primary goal is to consistently deliver results that meet and exceed your expectations.

We believe in earning your business every single month, which is why we don’t lock you into long-term contracts. If you’re satisfied with the results, you can continue with us, and if for any reason you’re not, you can stop without any obligation.

At Concourse Marketing, we’re committed to providing effective, flexible, and result-driven SEO services, empowering your business to flourish online.

No matter which SEO package you choose you will always receive a custom SEO strategy. The features included in your custom SEO strategy will always be a mixture of on-page SEO, off-page SEO and local SEO tactics.

The only difference between our SEO packages is the amount of allocated strategic time your custom SEO strategy gets per month. For example, the SEO Corporate package will provide you with 4X the allocated strategic time the SEO Essential package provides.

It is important to consider your starting point, factors such as existing domain authority (DA), competitiveness within your industry and how beneficial your products and services are to your market are all huge factors when considering when significant results will arrive.

It will also depend on which SEO package you choose. The SEO corporate package will get you 4X the strategic SEO work per month and therefore results will be around 4X faster. We try our very best to ensure significant results within the following time frames for each of the following SEO packages.

SEO Essential: 9-12 months

SEO Enterprise: 6-9 months

SEO Corporate: 3-6 months

The answer is yes of course, and we will do everything we can with full commitment to getting you 1st place rankings for the keywords that will benefit your business. 1st place is where around 30% of all clicks are landing, so it’s clear that is where you want to be. However, it is important to know that its much more important to focus on ranking for the right keywords in SEO.

As an example, it is much better to be 3rd position for a search term that generates 500 search queries per month than 1st place for a search term that receives no traffic. Even in 3rd place your looking at acquiring 18% of all clicks on the search engine results pages (SERP’s). This means out of the 500 search queries around 90 clicks will go to you in the 3rd position.

To emphasise the most important part of the equation is the keyword. Thorough keyword research is necessary to discover the most relevant opportunities for your products and services bottom-line.

If you rank 1st place for a search term that gets 10,000 search queries per month, but the keyword has no relevance to your business and doesn’t attract people looking to make a purchase, then this will be of much less significance than ranking 1st place for a keyword that gets 1,000 organic searches per month but is highly relevant to your businesses product and services and attracts buyers.

We are committed to delivering a return on investment (ROI) and therefore it is important that your strategy makes 100% fiscal sense, and we target the keywords that will bring you the money!

SEO is all about return on investment through acquiring more organic traffic to your website and as a result generating more leads and closing more sales. Yes £600, £1500, and £2,400 per month is a sizeable investment particularly for a small local business but bottom line if you’re getting a return, the investment is 100% justified.

Also consider the comparison to hiring somebody within the UK. The average UK salary is around £25,971, this works out at £2,164 per month. You are also obligated to provide statutory sick pay, pensions, holidays, and deal with a range of responsibilities.

When outsourcing your SEO campaign to Concourse Marketing there is no headaches, you can adjust your SEO budget monthly and stop and start at any point in time. We also have SEO starter packages for people new to SEO investment for just a one-off payment of £299!

No. We don’t believe in long-term SEO contracts that don’t provide you with flexibility. All our SEO packages are month-to-month, and you are not obligated to continue with your SEO campaign if you wish to stop.

This allows you to also adjust between the different SEO packages as you please. You can increase, decrease, or stop completely at any time. This also sets up a clear dynamic where we must win your business each and every month with results.

We provide monthly and bi-weekly reporting.

When you hire us for your SEO, the first documentation you will receive is a PDF that outlines your custom SEO strategy. This includes specific objectives to be hit by the end of that month and the specific keywords that will be targeted that month.

This document will breakdown in full the on-page SEO, off-page SEO and local SEO tactics that will be used that month with full justification.

You will also receive an end of month report (PDF), that shows the difference in SEO performance from the start of the month to the end of the month and how progress has been made, day by day.

We will also review the objectives that were set at the beginning of the month in your custom SEO strategy and determine if they were missed hit or exceeded.

SEO is a potent digital marketing strategy with huge upside. However, there are limitations like all marketing strategies that are important to understand so you have realistic expectations.

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that compounds overtime, the speed from implementation of an SEO campaign to significant results can take time and is dependent on your value proposition, industry competitiveness and starting point.

This means if you’re a brand-new business with a brand-new website that has little to no domain authority (DA) and your products and service don’t currently have traction in the market but fierce competition, it may take some time (9-12 months) before significant results and returns are acquired.

However, we provide monthly reports that will show you exactly how you are progressing month by month. SEO is a very low risk investment with Concourse Marketing as if results aren’t to your standard of expectations, you can stop your SEO investment at any point in time.

Performance SEO is an alternative pricing model that allows you to get started with £0 invested upfront.

The way it works is simple. We are compensated a fixed percentage of revenue for every order that comes directly from your website until your SEO campaign cost is fully covered.

This method minimises your risk as £0 cash is put upfront and we are only paid based on our SEO performance driving orders to your website directly.

The minimum requirement for this pricing model is a 6-month SEO campaign and our most affordable option is the 6-month, “SEO Essential” campaign at £4,320.

Although the overall pricing works out at a higher cost than the upfront pricing and month to month pricing, it allows for businesses with limited cashflow to pay as the the results come in and minimises risk.

Feel free to get in touch today for a chat about how Performance SEO can help your business with £0 money down!

Getting started is very easy.

Get in contact with us, you can simply request to get started via our SEO service pages by providing your email, number and first name.

Alternatively, you can email or call us directly on 0114 360 1717.

You can also request a free consultation with no obligations to ask any further questions you may have before starting with your SEO campaign.

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