Do You Know What Industries Need SEO The Most?

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Today we are going to breakdown the industries that need SEO (search engine optimisation), the most as we head into 2022. Business has been tough over the last few years with uncertainty and obstructions at what seems to be an all-time high. Now is the time to adapt for survival and ensure you are protecting your business by capitalising on SEO opportunities to attract new customers that are searching for your products and services right now in the marketplace and in search engines.

We are going to look over the top 5 industries that can capitalise on SEO right now as we head into 2022, to attract new customers and ensure their business thrives during the upcoming economic contraction. A few of the industries selected include 2 or 3 industries combined that interlink in opportunity, this has been done to thoroughly breakdown what industries need SEO the most in 2022 and truly leave no stone unturned.


#5 - SEO For The Professional Services Industry

First up we have the professional services industry. This includes lawyers, marketers, architects, accountants, financial advisers, engineers, IT consultants and more. Why can SEO be so lucrative for this industry as we head into 2022? Well, there are several reasons, first the professional services industry usually acquires higher ticket clients. Higher ticket clients meaning clients that typically spend a higher amount at point of sale (POS).

High-ticket clients are also likely to purchase multiple times instead of just one-off purchases and can be nurtured into long-term clients that become advocates of your products and services to drive referrals for further business. Let’s look at a solicitor’s average client. Now the fees will all depend on the type of case for instance in the context of a divorce the solicitors fees could range between £450 – £950 if the client is the petitioner of the divorce.

In a different context the conveyancing fee when purchasing a property within the UK is typically around £1,100 when buying a property and around £660 when selling a property. There are also professional services that specialise in business law where you’re looking at £2,700 – £3,800 for just a tier 2 visa application. From these examples you can see the potential worth of a single client when considering lifetime value. If you consider the opportunity cost of missing just a single client that searches for your services in a search engine such as Google and finds your competition instead of you it could be astronomical.

It is because this opportunity cost is so high that SEO is a no-brainer for the professional services industry. Simply put their clients are worth too much to them, not be visible in the search engine results pages (SERP’s), even more so as we head into 2022 where digital will become more prominent. Alongside this you also have the fact that people searching for professional services are much more likely to conduct first-hand research which often involves a Google search. They want to see case studies, reviews, and experience before approaching anyone in the space to protect their investment, the best way they can.

#4 - SEO For The Medical Industry

The medical industry would also be considered part of the professional’s services space but when considering what industries need SEO the most 2022, it deserves its very own place in the top 5. This industry includes dentists, chiropractors, physicians, doctors, healthcare providers, cosmetic surgeries, medical equipment specialists and more.


Lifetime Value (LTV)

When considering lifetime value (LTV) and the average client for a private dentist you’re looking at £75 consultations and £520 fees for root canal treatment (incisor single visit & single rooted) within the UK. This could also be more around £820 if the root canal treatment is molars and requires 2 visitations. Clients are high value and are also likely to stay with their medical experts for years as they build relationships and trust with their service providers.

Location (GMB)

SEO also becomes important to the medical industry when you factor in locality. People in this space often look for a service provider that is local to them, this makes local SEO very important for medical professionals to become the authority in their local cities, towns, and villages.

Google my business (GMB) optimisation, a key aspect of SEO which involves getting featured in the map-pack within the search engine results pages (SERP’s) is detrimental for the medical professionals looking to achieve this local dominance over their competition. You can see in the map-pack, information such as quantity of reviews, quality of reviews (5-star rating system), contact information, customer feedback, opening hours and direct links to websites and directions can be accessed at the click of the mouse or press of the finger.


If the google my business (GMB) profile is expanded by clicking on the medical facility, further information is showcased including a visual map, images of the facility, Q&A and access to the reviews manually written by previous customers as testament.

In the context of health people become very sensitive to the appearance of facilities increasing the importance of local SEO. This isn’t just limited to the brick and mortar but also the equipment as people expect  the highest standards in place when their health is at risk.

With all of this in mind consider how powerful it is to be positioned at the top of the map-pack in the search engine results pages (SERP’s). The map-pack from implemented local SEO acquires 40%-60% of all traffic and clicks, imagine your positioned at the top of the map pack with the most 5-star reviews with optimised images of your facility and equipment.

Healthcare Problems, Symptoms & Self-Diagnosis

An interesting factor that further drives the importance of SEO for the medical industry is the way people behave when they have medical problems and symptoms. Google searching for medical information is something we have all done to ease our concerns, to figure out home remedies or to validate the need to make a visitation with a medical expert. A huge part of any SEO campaign is to build educational content that can inform potential consumers, clients, and patients. Consider a common symptom such as “pain when I swallow”.

You can see that this search term “pain when I swallow” is searched around 3,600 times in the UK per month. Now consider the importance of presenting the solution to the people searching this in Google or Bing that need to see a medical professional or purchase a solution such as a spray, mouthwash, or medication.

You become the authority in the space and therefore the most trusted medical expert by providing the most comprehensive and educational content that is also engaging for the user to digest. This positioning is priceless in the context of competition and is paramount in the medical industry.

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#3 - Real Estate, Removals & Renovations

SEO for Estate Agents

When considering what industries need SEO the most, SEO and real estate work together because the importance of timing in the industry. SEO helps to reach prospective buyers and sellers at the right moment which is a key aspects of real estate overall.

Consider your selling a piece of real estate in Doncaster and looking for a buyer. Consider the type of person you may want to target. Well SEO will allow you to reach people that are manually searching “homes for sale Doncaster” into Google. To support this, we know that 44% of home buyers start with a Google search in the buying process.

SEO for estate agents also allows for targeting specific locations and neighbourhoods to become a local authority. Another reason would be the high value clients, estate agents receive on average 1.18% + VAT for the sale of a house. With the cost of an average house UK being worth £256,000 you can see why SEO for estate agents is huge considering the potential value of an individual client.

SEO for Removal Businesses

Removal businesses can also take advantage of SEO to find people looking for their services at the right time. Timing like estate agents is of huge importance when targeting clients in this sector and SEO is a potent lead generation tool that can help find the people in need of removals services right as they need them.

The key purpose to a successful removals SEO campaign is to differentiate the business as a professional removal service and avoid the pitfalls of the average white van man that competes on price.

People are willing to pay for professionals, the average house removal cost coming in at £555 for a 3-bedroom house shows the value of the average client within the UK. There is also the opportunity for additional revenue from packing, dismantles, re-assembly, transportation, and relocation costs.

There can be compensation for recycling goods and even from the re-sale of high value items such as furniture and electronics that are picked up on the job.

Using SEO to position a removal business as first choice will be huge in 2022 to continue to generate quality leads and convert people right as they need a hand moving. In a previous post on the advantages of SEO we broke down exactly how SEO finds people ready to buy.

SEO for Renovations Businesses

SEO for renovation businesses is incredibly powerful. Very similar to what we discussed with the medical industry with first-hand research there is an overlap with the renovations industry that makes SEO extremely effective.

This overlap is the world of DIY. As we mentioned earlier people like to self-diagnose their medical issues, they also like to fix their own house up and love to research DIY methods to avoid hiring someone to carry out the work. When looking at what industries need SEO the most, the industries that have opportunities to create engaging content that their market is looking for are at the top of the list.

There’s a level of satisfaction and productivity people get when carrying out DIY work that makes SEO for renovation businesses a no brainer. Renovation businesses that deliver educational content that included tips and tricks for DIY projects can generate serious traffic as we head into 2022 and position themselves as trusted experts in the industry and professionals.

In the renovation space you have a variety of services, everything from dealing with heating systems, rewiring, windows, plastering projects, replacing skirting boards, paint, tiling, doors, extensions and knocking down walls can all come under renovation services.

Now when we look at the average costs for these services, we can start to see the customer value and as mentioned earlier the higher the value of the potential client the higher the need for SEO because of opportunity cost.

Average costs of renovations, (Checkatrade 2021).

  • New gas supply £1,500
  • New heating system £5,500
  • Rewiring £5,750
  • Windows £4,250
  • Replaster Walls £2,500
  • Replaster Ceilings & Walls £12,000
  • Replace Skirting £3,000
  • Paint Walls & Ceilings £6,000

The average cost of a 3-bed house is £76,900 – £138,800 according to Checkatrade which show the immense value that a single customer renovating a single property has to offer.

#2 - Restaurants, Cafe's & Takeaways

This space has been radically affected over the last few years primarily due to the lockdown of physical locations we have seen in response to covid-19. This has rocked the boat for restaurants, cafés and takeaways that didn’t have a strong digital presence to update their customers and provide alternative solutions.

We have seen a huge increase in the use of digital solution such as Just Eat, that have become a lifeline for many businesses and allowed for businesses to get food to people’s doorsteps and survive the restrictions put in place.

SEO is optimising digital presence and these applications such as Just Eat, UberEATS and Deliveroo are all part of the mix. Optimised profiles including reviews, titles & descriptions, menus, images are becoming detrimental to restaurants surviving during the current climate. Considering what industries need SEO the most the food space really did need digital optimisation to survive!

To validate that SEO for restaurants is needed, we can look at some key statistics. Just Eat partnerships increased by 59,000 between 2019 to 2020, clear evidence of this shift in behaviour with 244,000 partnerships confirmed in 2020.

Just eat orders via the app went from 286 million (2019) to 588 million (2020) within a single year, also showing a shift in consumer behaviour. The users almost doubled in this year from 38 million to 60 million users. This shows a clear shift to digital solutions which increases the importance of a solid digital presence that SEO for restaurants can offer.

With restaurants, cafes, and takeaways, there are many sensitive areas of scrutiny that consumers will put businesses through. We have factors such as hygiene scores, delivery times, food quality, value for money, appearance of premise, customer service, deals and promotions that all play a part in the consumers decision making process before placing an order.

All these factors need to be optimised across the board in the SERP’s and across the variety of applications such as Just Eat that are leading the way with this digital movement. Search engine optimisation in the context of optimising your overall digital appearance for your local café, restaurant or takeaway will be necessary in 2022.


#1 - Online Businesses & E-Commerce

In first place is online businesses and e-commerce. In this industry we are specifically highlighting the business with 80% + of their revenue coming from the website directly. We are referring to service-based businesses that drive 80% + of their appointments and consultations via their website directly and e-commerce websites that list tangible products on a transactional website that sell 80% + of their products via the website directly.

The reason that SEO will continue to be a necessity for this industry is because organic search traffic from search engine results pages (SERP’s) continues to grow in importance of how websites receive traffic overall, making SEO one of the most potent ways to drive traffic, leads and sales to your website. In 2021 organic traffic accounted for 53% of all traffic to websites. This was at 43% in 2019 and 37.5% in 2017 showing a clear increase in importance that has continued to build momentum over the last 5-years. In short, this upwards trajectory of SEO is going to continue as digital becomes more and more prominent in society, and as we move into 2022.

Final Thoughts On What Industries Need SEO The Most 2022

As a rule of thumb SEO is needed more when direct competition is high, and the lifetime value of customers or clients is high. The reasoning for this is simple a client that spends a high amount on your products and services, frequently purchases, stays with your business a long duration of time, and refers other prospects to your business is very valuable.

The opportunity cost of missing this person due to a lack of visibility online could be in the thousands, hence the more lifetime value a customer or client has to your business the higher priority SEO needs to be in your marketing budget. It is also more essential for multi-located businesses that need to geographically reach a range of prospects and localised businesses in general to take advantage of local SEO and GMB optimisation to become local authorities.

If you’re in the type of business where research is likely to be conducted online before purchase, then you also will be wise to invest in SEO. An example of this could be a local takeaway that is likely to have reviews snooped and photos of the food browsed before an order is placed. It is important that your digital presence is optimised if that’s where people are going before considering your business. Your online appearance and website are your new front door in 2022, so make sure you have your door open for business by investing in SEO.

As a final note niche types of businesses where competition is low but there is an opportunity to rank at the top of the SERP’s for keywords with modest search volumes for transactional intent-based keywords can also be a goldmine. If your curious about what SEO can deliver your business, please feel free to contact us today for a free of charge, no obligation consultation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and help provide clarity to why SEO may be a great investment opportunity for you and your business as we move into 2022.

What Industries Need SEO The Most 2022?

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